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CT Shuttle

CT Shuttle is your best choice for point-to-point shuttle services, airport transfers and Cape Town Day Tours. We offer competitive rates and exceptional service. Our point-to-point shuttle services operate across the entire Western Cape and Gauteng, and we offer 24 hour transfers to and from Cape Town International Airport and OR Tambo International Airport.

We have several vehicles in our fleet which allows us to offer great leisure and corporate transfer packages to virtually any destination in the Western Cape and Gauteng, for almost any number of passengers.

CT Shuttle always endeavours to deliver a guaranteed, prompt, efficient, safe, reliable and friendly service.

Cape Town Transfer Rates: (Economy 1-2 pax)

Please enquire us for group rates and areas not listed below. Prices are subject to change without notice.

City to CPT Airport

Cape Town City to CPT Airport R230
V & A Waterfront to CPT Airport R230
Bantry Bay, Camps Bay to CPT Airport R260
Sea Point, Green Point to CPT Airport R250

Southern Suburbs to CPT Airport

Pinelands to CPT Airport R220
Constantia to CPT Airport R270
Rondebosch, Newlands to CPT Airport R240
UCT to CPT Airport R240

Nothern Suburbs – West Coast to CPT Airport

Bloubergstrand, Durbanville, Table View to CPT Airport R250
Atlantic Beach, Melkbosstrand to CPT Airport R290


Hermanus, Langebaan to CPT Airport R790
Hout Bay, Muizenberg, Somerset West, Stellenbosch, Strand to CPT Airport R310
Gordon’s Bay, Fish Hoek to CPT Airport R340
Franschoek, Wellington to CPT Airport R510
Paarl to CPT Airport R460

Please add R40 to the above rates for each additional passenger after the first two.

All bookings are subject to our Terms and Conditions

Pre-booking is essential!
Our transport services operate 24/7, and our enquiries desk is open from 08h00 to 20h00 daily.

Johannesburg Transfer Rates (Economy 1-2 pax)

Please enquire with us for group rates and areas not listed below. Prices are subject to change without notice.

OR Tambo – Johannesburg

Jhb CBD R390

OR Tambo - Johannesburg Surrounds

Randburg R460 

Roodepoort R480 

Magaliesberg R900

OR Tambo - Pretoria

Pretoria CBD R450

Pretoria North / East R500

Centurion R480

OR Tambo - Other

Sun City  R1680
Bela Bela (Mabula, Zebula) R1680

All bookings are subject to our Terms and Conditions